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Founded in 1990, Suzhou Youlian Textile Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known manufacturer of domestic advanced equipment and precision parts. The founder has been involved in the field of parts manufacturing since 1986, and has 30 years of manufacturing experience. With excellent products and first-class services, Youlian equipment has won the recognition and trust of more than 500 customers in China. As a basic industry, machinery manufacturing is committed to the manufacturing of woolen equipment and accessories, but also to provide customized manufacturing services for customers in other industries. We are a qualified supplier of Siemens in Germany. We have successfully trial manufactured a new missile guidance module shell for a research institute. Since the establishment of the company, Youlian equipment has won more than 20 invention patents, independent innovation enterprises and high-tech enterprises and other honorary titles. Youlian equipment will be oriented by customers' needs, committed to providing customers with product mechanical design, manufacturing and processing, technical support and optimization, advanced C + + language programming, fixture design and manufacturing, as well as scheme demonstration from virtual to implementation, product quality inspection and other services, to help customers solve common problems in mechanical manufacturing, improve manufacturing capacity, and help customers create more new value.

Customer Pain Spot
  • Low technical threshold, serious homogenization and fierce competition

  • Lack of innovation ability
    of high-end products

  • The means of early design and later implementation are relatively backward

  • Lack of scientific demonstration of product design scheme

  • Lack of high-end talents and incomplete R & D team

Core Strengths
  • 30 years of ingenuity and experience in precision manufacturing, achieving good reputation in the industry
  • Seamless docking of solid works and solid cam, providing efficient and diversified solutions
  • Provide scientific methodology to reduce the loopholes in early design
  • Solid works PDM R & D management platform makes design more efficient
  • Design scheme optimization and scientific verification to ensure the implementation of the design scheme
  • Advanced manufacturing equipment provides high efficiency, high precision and high quality guarantee for manufacturing
  • Professional and efficient technical team to provide intellectual support for customers
  • Personalized solution customization service to meet different needs of customers
Company Qualification
Major Equipment
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