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Established in 1990, YouLian Textile Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a specialized technology company that provides products and services for the woolen textile enterprises, which are integrated with R & D, design, production, sales and service.
As a professional service in the woolen industry, YouLian has strong value and a sense of mission. With the experience accumulated over the past 30 years, we have strong R&D, technical force and professional management team. We provides mule spinning machine, high-speed grinding machine, spare parts for imported woolen textile machines, spindle cleaning and refueling machine, spinning machine modification service for woolen textile enterprises. In order to promote the industrialization of the woolen textile industry in depth integration and to the direction of comprehensive and intelligent development, we have developed an intelligent management system based on Internet: You Lian Mule Spinning Machine Monitoring and Management Platform provides intelligent services and better user experience for customers.
We will adhere to customer problems oriented in the future. In view of the problems faced by the woolen textile enterprises in the production and operation, we provides professional and integrated solution for the enterprises. We expect to achieve our common value.

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